Washing Machine

Washing machine applications focused on motor speed control and ac switching.



Triacs are useful in controlling full-wave AC applications. They can be used as an ON/OFF switch, replacing efficiently electro-mechanical relays.
Available in general-purpose standard configurations, high commutation performance series with ST Snubberless™ Technology, or high temperature versions for use in harsh environment, they fit any AC applications requiring precise control. http://www.st.com/stonline/products/families/thyristors_acswitch/triac/triac.htm
BTA16, BTB16, T16T830-T820, T405 series can be used in washing machine applications.

ST products ACS™ and ACST’s can be directly driven with microprocessors have special protection specifications. They are design to use for home appliance and industrial systems with fewer components. ACST8 (8A), ACS108 (0.8A) can be used as new generation AC switches.


STANDART MOTOR CONTROL APPLICATION: Motor speed collected from system and compare with reference speed. If the speed is less than reference than system try to increase its speed. If the speed is higher than reference speed than system try to decrease the speed. In order to obtained required torque triacs switch by microprocessors



The ST7 core is based on an industry-standard 8-bit architecture, extended by STMicroelectronics to improve support for high level language programming and to provide additional interrupt handling features.
ST7 8 bit micro processors can be used on the following applications lightning, alarms, sensors, home appliance control, air conditioner, computers, measuring, touch control, motor control, DC/DC converter, toys, power equipments and consumer goods.

Suggested ST Products: ST7 mcu, BTA16, BTB16, T16T830-T820, T405, ACST8 , ACS108, ACS302



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